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Pedra Furada Complete


The southern boundary of Serra da Capivara National Park,
near São Raimundo Nonato, Piauí, Brazil.

At the bottom left (in the shade) is the visitor center
and Toca do Boqueirão do Sítio da Pedra Furada.

Toca do Boqueirão do Sítio da Pedra Furada

Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara

This is a shot of the entire panel from a distance. The links below will take
you through the panel from right to left in approximately eight foot sections.

This set of photographs first appeared in 42Gr532 A Rock Art E-zine, November 1998,
as a collaborative effort between that site and the
Rock Art Research & Art History site.

Each of the black and white thumbnails below is linked directly to a full color image file.
These images are over 200 Kb each and will take a minute or two to download

The Rock Art of Pedra Furada:

detail of a
polychrome composition

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